Systancia, a French software publisher, has gradually established itself as the leading desktop and application virtualization, as well as cloud computing alternative solution in this marketplace in France and Europe, with a capacity to innovate which ranks it among the leading players in this sector.

Systancia has well spread channel network across Europe, USA with a well establish customer base.

IPdiva Care

Surveillance and Session Video Recording Solution


IPdiva Care enables session video recording without any agent installation on target server.

IPdiva Care controls the diffusion of passwords associated with your system resources.

IPdiva Care offers recorded session data lifecycle management through dashboard.

Solution Brief

IPdiva Care offers video evidence to review in case of challenged situation.

IPdiva Care allows you to analyse all actions performed by your users and control their legitimacy.

IPdiva Care’s central management portal takes care of secure authentication, privilege / rights management and eliminates multiplication of control devices.

As a single access point IPdiva Care limits the sharing of credentials (passwords) to access your “sensitive” servers.

IPdiva Care can be configured as transparent portal by applying each user login setting on target servers.

Through the recording feature on IPdiva Care you can re-watch an entire application session to understand, learn or control the actions performed. 

The IPdiva Care dashboard provides easy recording management, statistical information about storage consumption and policy control to define recording data lifecycle.

IPdiva Care also provides flexibility to export recorded session data to external system.