FlashStart is a division of Italy head quartered Collini Consulting Group. FlashStart is established in 2001. Flashstart is focused exclusively on internet content mitigation, protecting more than 100,000,000 Internet queries every day and growing at about 25% per annum. FlashStart has geographically diverse presence with it’s multiple datacenters across globe.


Product List


Over 50 blacklist categories and 25,000 infected sites predefined.

Specially designed for managed service providers; supports multi-tenancy & offers white labelling.

Granular reporting & alarm Systems.

Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS translates requests for domain names into IP addresses. Cloud DNS is programmable. One can easily publish and manage millions of DNS zones and records using simple user interface, command-line interface or API.

Solution Brief

FlashStart is cloud based DNS service to offer safe internet access without introducing any on premise security appliance.

FlashStart provides on-line threat protection from botnets, ransomware, malware and phishing.

Flashstart independently researches and classifies internet content within 55 possible categories (eg social networks, news, gambling, etc).

FlashStart offers easy and intuitive web interface to manage internet access policies for organization.

The specific IP addresses associated with known cyber threats are sourced from expert third parties and updated in ‘near’ real-time.

FlashStart also offers geo-location based IP address classification.

Flashstart technology ensures a low incidence of false positives ( 0.1% ).

FlashStart creates rules to control search results over particular search engines or websites. Offers department wise policy management

FlashStart offers concurrent user based annual fixed term licensing policy.