In order to ensure best of business & work experience to each and every individual and/or organization dealing directly/indirectly with Inventius, Board of Directors at Inventius has decided to define a Code of Conduct which shall be followed and adhered to from day one of business operations.
This Code of Conduct shall apply to all “Team members” and the Board reserves rights to amend the scope, content as well as applicability of it thereof.
Term “Team Members” includes all full-time and part time directors, higher managers, executive officers, all employees as well as affiliates & advisors.

Organization Code of Conduct

  • Each team member shall strongly believe in & strictly adhere to core business values of the organization.
  • Each team member shall act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and ethical conduct on all occasions while representing the company
  • Any team member shall never be directly or indirectly involved in any kind of bribing or any other unlawful activity.
  • Any team member shall not receive any direct / indirect benefit from any of the business associates of organization, which is intended or can be perceived as being given to gain favour for dealing with the organization.
  • Each team member shall always ensure Integrity and Security of Intellectual Property (Confidential Business Information) made available to them during the course of their duties. Written approval or consent is mandatory from Board of Directors for sharing any such confidential information with any external party.
  • Each team member shall also ensure integrity and secrecy of any business related information shared by any of the business partners or associates of organization.
  • Any team member shall strictly avoid any kind of indecent behaviour or improper language during any of the official interactions or acts.
  • Each team member has to always practise Gender Equality and shall strictly avoid any indecent behaviour with any individual with opposite gender, within or outside organization.
  • Each team member shall follow industry best practices in order to acquire faith and trust from all business associates including, technology partners, channel partners, etc..
  • Every team member has to ensure clear and legally correct communication (internal as well as external) in order to avaoid any kind of confusion and/or non compliance.