Systancia, a French software publisher, has gradually established itself as the leading desktop and application virtualization, as well as cloud computing alternative solution in this marketplace in France and Europe, with a capacity to innovate which ranks it among the leading players in this sector.

Systancia has well spread channel network across Europe, USA with a well establish customer base.

AppliDis Fusion 5

Unified Virtualisation Solution


Guaranteeing the access time to the applications & Desktops with unique & proprietary AppliDis Booster.

Making mobility productive with next generation Systancia BoxOnAir offering.

Managing 200 servers as easily as 20 with one of most simplified & HTML5 compatible console.

Solution Brief

AppliDis Fusion 5 delivers applications, Standard VDI (hosted desktops) as well as Extended VDI (dedicated virtual desktops) through a single console.

AppliDis is one of most scalable yet simplified VDI solution. With it’s HTML5 based web console it provides ease & comfort of managing it from any device or any network.

AppliDis Fusion 5 offers highest end point as well as server side compatibility. AppliDIs is specially designed to work effectively in hyper converged environment.

With it’s built in artificial intelligence it is one of the fastest application & desktop delivery product available.

AppliDis supports wide range of printers and scanners which makes it product of choice for industries like BFSI, Retail, PSU’s, Govt. etc.

In spite of being feature rich AppliDis Fusion 5 is one of most cost effective and highest ROI delivering VDI solution available in the global marketplace.